Our process is designed to produce a plan suited to you, your family, and your goals.  In three meetings, usually spaced a couple weeks apart, we will guide you through the stages of planning, implementing and using your plan.

First Step

The first meeting involves a lot of fact-finding on our end.  It is important that we learn about your family, goals, and resources, so we ask that you complete our Estate Planning Worksheet in advance.  Then at the meeting, we will discuss your options and price.  If you choose to proceed, we get to work and iron out the details of your plan.  Occasionally, we schedule a separate design meeting to avoid information overload.
Worksheet for Couples
Worksheet for Individuals

Second Step

At the second meeting, we give you a guided tour of the finished estate plan and ample opportunity to ask questions before signing.  Many clients comment that all the pieces come together at this meeting as they begin to see how their estate plan will work for them.

Third Step

Your plan will be delivered in a beautiful binder that will become the “go to” book for you and for all the people who will later help you.  We will take a thorough look at your assets and beneficiary designations.  Some of your assets will have been re-titled already, and for the others, we will have information packets and a checklist ready to help you update the rest.
Our end goal is to provide you with an estate plan that you understand and take pride in.

Flat Fee Billing

We bill a flat fee for estate plans based on the plan features you choose.  The flat fee gives you an opportunity to take as much time as you need and encourages questions.
To get started just give us a call and make your first appointment. We will take it from there.